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If it rains, do we play?  YES, most likely.

Your coach will contact you if you don't. If you are a U10 through U19 team, and playing on a R143 field, you will more than likely play, unless, there is thunder and lightning. Even with thunder & lightning, the game may only be suspended for a period of time. Keep checking our R143 FIELDS page for current status. The fields will be checked the morning of games and closures will be sent to coach's emails, & may also be updated on our R143 Fields Page.

If you are playing AREA or EXTRA on a field other than
REGION 143, then check the AREA K MUDLINE web site.


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Marine View
OVSD Letter : No parking on Frans Ln. in the cul-de-sac, or on Frans Ln. south of Glenstone Dr. Please park ONLY in the "school parking lot" at the front of the school, or on the non-residential side of the street north of Glenstone Dr., (city park side). Please do not park in front of residences. Please RESPECT the neighbors. NO PARKING is allowed on the basketball courts of the school, even if entry is open.
Meadow View
No parking in the school parking lot, Monday - Friday till AFTER 6pm. Please park only on the street and preferably only on the school side of the street. Please do not enter parking lot through the EXIT. Use ENTRANCE only. Drive carefully.
Please always RESPECT the neighbors and businesses
at any of our locations.

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Fall - Rec / EXTRA Teams
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Practices Start: Aug
Games Played: Sep-Nov
All-Star Teams
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Practices Start: Dec
Games Played: Jan
Spring - Rec / Select Teams
Registration: Jan
Practices Start: February
Games Played: Mar-May

Summer Programs
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Camp Starts: July & August


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AYSO is an all volunteer organization. We need your help to make each season the best experience possible for your child. We always need coaches, assistant coaches, referees, team parents, and field maintenance workers. We are also always looking for new members for our Board of Directors and Regional Staff. We have volunteer jobs to fit any schedule. Many jobs require only a few hours per season. We provide the training.


AYSO Region 143
16458 Bolsa Chica St PMB 568
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Platinum Regions represent the best of the best that AYSO has to offer. These Regions model AYSO’s philosophies and commitment to providing the best family friendly youth soccer experiences for all players and parent volunteers throughout their immediate communities and beyond. They nurture the generous spirit of their participants and devote extra effort to providing assistance to many charitable causes.


The Spirit of the Game

The Laws of the Game are intended to provide a game which is, first of all, enjoyable for the players and, secondly, enjoyable for the spectators. It is intended to be a "players' game" and interruptions or interferences in play by non players are to be minimized. Therefore, coaching during the game is only permitted in AYSO under limited conditions. Coaching in AYSO is limited to comments which instruct, encourage, and are made in a positive manner. This coaching is further limited to two coaches per team who must remain within 10 yards of the halfway line. This limited coaching is a concept to which many Americans have difficulty adapting, since this interference by non players (coaches) is common in many sports. Many of the sports with which the average American is familiar involve the active participation of the coach; indeed, in some sports, rules are often written to allow the coach to direct the action of players from the sidelines or to stop play (time-outs) to instruct the player how the "coach" wants the game to be played. It is also quite normal in other sports for the coach to be allowed to come on to the field to instruct players, voice disagreement with referees, and demand an explanation or reconsideration of a decision. The emphasis in these sports has made them into more of a "coaches' game" rather than a "players' game." In soccer, the Laws of the Game intend for something quite different to occur.

Soccer referees are instructed by the Laws to "interfere with the game as little as possible." Referees in some sports are actually required, when a rule has been broken, to stop play and not to continue play until the infraction and the violator of the infraction are verbally identified and the punishment options are explained to the team which was fouled. Indeed, it is not uncommon in some sports for considerably more time to be devoted to dealing with these interruptions than is actually spent playing the game. Many spectators and coaches have grown accustomed to being kept informed by referees as to the precise nature of the referee's decisions. Therefore, it is understandable that a common request from the novice soccer spectator, coach, or player is, "Hey, ref, what's the call?" which, as all knowledgeable soccer enthusiasts know, really translates to, "Pardon me, Mr. Referee, but please stop the players from enjoying the game while you explain to me what is going on?"

As a coach, you have the opportunity to increase the understanding of the spirit of the game for your players and for many of the parents and spectators who will be watching your games. The more knowledgeable the participant is,the more enjoyable the game. Training sessions belong to coaches and games belong to players, so do your coaching during practice and let the players make the decisions during the games. It is what makes it fun, and is what the Laws provide for as the "Spirit of the Game."

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