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IFAB Laws of the Game
Summary of 2021/2022 Changes to the Laws of the Game
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AYSO National Rules & Regulations
AYSO Area 11-K Rules & Regulations
AYSO Region 143 General Program Guidelines

6U-8U Guidelines
9U-10U Guidelines

  • Playing time is a minimum time of 3/4 per game.
  • No player should play the whole game unless every other player has played the minimum
  • A player cannot play goalkeeper more than 2 quarters. If a player plays 2 quarters in goal, he must play one on the field.
  • In the case of having a larger than max roster, then every player must play at least 2 quarters, unless ill, arrives after the game begins, or leaves before the game ends.
  • A player who arrives before the end of the first quarter, MUST play two quarters. A player who arrives during the second or third quarter, must play at least one quarter. 
  • Any player who plays 2 quarters one game, must play 3 quarters the next.

Other Guidelines

Updated for MY23


  • Any time you play in AREA, you must have coaches & players cards, even if you are playing at your own region's field.
  • If you do not have your players cards, including coaches cards, you may not be able to play.
  • Have them in numerical order like your line up card, and make referee check-ins quicker.




Goal Differential Rule

The following Good Sportsmanship rule applies to the 9U and above divisions:

  • Teams that win a game by a final goal differential of six (6) or more goals will receive a one (1) point deduction in the standings for every goal scored above five (5) goals
  • Coaches of teams in games that result in a goal differential of six (6) or more goals will be required to complete one or more good sportsmanship mentoring sessions
  • Repeat offenders will be suspended

Remember - It is your job to make it a great experience for BOTH teams! 

How to not get yourself in that situation:
  • Pay attention to the flow of the game
  • Make adjustments early
  • Give your team a challenge (score only off a cross, use their weak foot only for passing/shooting, complete 10 passes before a shot, only someone who hasn’t scored in the last year can score)
Things to not do:
  • Call out how many passes
  • Pull players from the field
  • Make loud comments about the weakness of the other team
  • Call out "we can't score anymore" (especially players)

  • There is NO SCORE KEEPING in 6U-8U, so there is no need for the game to be a tense
  • The goal is to keep the game moving and the players playing in a safe, fair, and fun way.
  • Referees/Coaches should talk before the start of the game and have a plan/agreement for making adjustments in the event that one team is totally dominating the game to the point where it is not FUN for all.
  • An example would be to allow the struggling team to add a player to the field.
  • Encourage good sportsmanship!

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